Smart For Life (SMFL) $0.37 Announces Initiation of Equity Analyst Coverage by Dawson James...

Initiates with “Buy” recommendation and $8 price target. MIAMI, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smart for Life,...
Lion Group Holdings

Report: Kerrisdale Capital on Up Fintech Holding (TIGR).

The Robinhood of China? If They Liked it at $18, They've got to Love it at $4.00!

Report on Mitesco (MITI): Zacks Issues $0.53 Price Target, a 165% Potential Gain.

LIVE QUOTE Original Report: Initiating Coverage...
Revive Therapeutics

Revive Therapeutics (RVVTF, RVV): Updates and News Archive.

Recent Headlines (See FDA Filing Submission at Bottom) LIVE QUOTE

Track Record

Click to open 21 clients up over $100 million, 13 clients up over ten-fold in value.
CPRE Networks

Adding VYRE Network (CAPV) to the Watch List.

Look What We Found. Our First Internet Play in Ages, And It's a Doozy. We would categorize this...

OMNIQ (OMQS) Graduates to NASDAQ. And Three Wall Street Research Reports Follow.

Wall Street Brokerage Price Target Estimates of $15 - $18 Per Share. Without disrupting legacy sales - CEO Shai...
Ehave, Psychedelic Stock Review

Report: Ehave Inc (EHVVF) Our Favorite Psychedelic Company

WE LOOKED FAR AND WIDE TO FIND OUR FAVORITE What exactly is a favorite? First...

Citius Pharma (CTXR) $2.15. Price Target of $8.00 Maintained, Post Safety and Efficacy Review.

Investment Banker Buy Rating Maintained: DSMB Gives the Thumbs Up – Data in Early 2022. CITIUS NEWS ARCHIVE
Hea;thLynked, Biotech Stock Review

Up 191%, HealthLynked (HLYK) Reporting Decent Numbers.

Up as much as 417% from where we added it to the Watch List, the Company continues to report increasing revenues while...

Latest article

Society Pass (SOPA) $1.15 Breaks Above First Line of Resistance.

Just a Quick Heads Up. Price and Volume Gradually Picking up From Where we Added to Watch List on the 12th.

Silo Pharma (SILO) $2.67 Announces $1 Million Stock Buyback.

Yes it doesn't sound like a lot of money on the surface. But the stock is so grossly undervalued (in our opinion)...

Three That Doubled, Three More That May Double.

Ardelyx $3.00 (ARDX) Gains 117%, Provention Bio $8.75 (PRVB) Gains 134%, and PharmaTher (PHRRF) up 154%. Blue Skies Ahead - For All...