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We get paid to be suspicious when we’ve got nothing to be suspicious about.

1.9 Trillion Trades on OTCMarkets in May. Thumbs up or Buyer Beware?

An increase of more than 2,000 percent from a year earlier! Penny...

Stand Down. “A Super Bubble” says Jeremy Grantham, the “Day of Reckoning is Here”...

Calling a Super Bubble. | Front Row with Jeremy Grantham https://youtu.be/JlEGU2ypr1Q

Video: The Coming Collapse Of Crypto! (Tether Again)

https://youtu.be/Odoqs0lBHLY RELATED: Bitcoin $30,000. Time to Bargain Hunt? Read This First.
Internet Stock Review

The Buffett Indicator. Tighten Your Safety Belts..

GDP's $22 Trillion vs Total Stock Market Value (TMC) of $50 Trillion How Does This Compute (hint,...

Peter Schiff Predictions, One Year Ago – 2020.

Dow 18,500 on March 23rd Air Date. Eventually Maybe Soon, He Will Look Genius. ...they're gonna stay on...
Internet Stock Review

Is The Market Overvalued? Barron’s Round Table January 2000.

Interesting viewpoints ahead of the market drifting from near 12,000 to 7,000. Equivalent to Dow dropping to near 20,000 today.
Biotech Stock Review

Tesla (TSLA) Price Target Upped to $1,000. Passes $500 Billion in Valuation Today.

First Crossing $100 Billion in Value in January, Crossing $527 Today Puts the Valuation at $500 Billion. Why Own Anything Else?
Roland Rick Perry

Jeremy Grantham: The Market Bubble Will Burst in Weeks or Months

by Robert Huebscher, 10/22/20 Dow 27,400. S&P 500 3,400. Jeremy Grantham has made a science of studying asset bubbles, correctly predicting...

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Society Pass (SOPA) $1.15 Breaks Above First Line of Resistance.

Just a Quick Heads Up. Price and Volume Gradually Picking up From Where we Added to Watch List on the 12th.

Silo Pharma (SILO) $2.67 Announces $1 Million Stock Buyback.

Yes it doesn't sound like a lot of money on the surface. But the stock is so grossly undervalued (in our opinion)...

Three That Doubled, Three More That May Double.

Ardelyx $3.00 (ARDX) Gains 117%, Provention Bio $8.75 (PRVB) Gains 134%, and PharmaTher (PHRRF) up 154%. Blue Skies Ahead - For All...