And a Nine-Page Summary Report..Great Weekend Reading.

This is one killer report. In fact if we might be so bold, we might even call it a masterpiece.

GeoVax is working on a drug for advanced stage (end stage) head and neck cancer. The trial isn’t designed to cure cancer, but rather to improve their quality of life by reducing the size of the patients tumor, such as to make it easier for them to swallow or speak. This makes for a significantly more manageable ‘endpoint’ (what are they trying to accomplish) in the clinical trial.

We didn’t know what head and neck cancer tumors looked like, until we googled it and came across a video of a patient who was successfully cured at the City of Hope. As thanks, he donated $15 million to the hospital.

Ted Schwartz Cancer Patient Saved by the City of Hope, Says Thanks With $15 Million Gift

GeoVax is also working on a non-mRNA vaccine to protect people with weak immune systems. And coincidently, or maybe not coincidently, the vaccine was initially developed at the City of Hope, the same institution that cured Ted Schwartz.

The City of Hope was involved in the development of the cancer drug Erbitux, which had peak sales of $1.8 billion in 2013. Rituxan, which had peak sales of $7.5 billion in 2014, and Herceptin which had peak sales of $6.0 billion in 2019. They know what they’re doing.


But we know time is valuable, attention spans are short, so we have a nine-page Preview Report (below). Like a movie trailer!

While all Biotech are highly risky, we did a deep dive on this one talking to Vaccine experts, mRNA experts, Cancer experts, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor experts, Wall Street experts and more.

By no means do we profess to personally be an expert at any cancer or vaccine technology, but we did learn enough to see, feel and smell the momentum that GeoVax is building right now in the arduous FDA clinical trial process. This is not pre-clinical, or Phase I. They are in Phase II with numerous trials and with many of the top institutions in the country. And the evidence (interim data) is being revealed like layers of an onion and it looks nothing short of fantastic.

The company is addressing massive markets and the math is pretty simple. We’ll just share one example.

One of the drugs is a Covid vaccine called MVA-VLP or ‘EmVeeAye’ for short. We know what you’re thinking. Covid is gone. We’ll it’s not if you have a weak immune systems. And there are 23 million people in the U.S. alone who in technical terms are ‘immunocompromised.’ Think of cancer patients, or transplant patients, who are taking immunosuppressant drugs, so that the organ transplant isn’t rejected.

If we can assume a vaccine price of $50, GeoVax is looking at a potential revenue bonanza of $1.15 billion. And remember, we are the people who spotted Moderna (MRNA) at $21 in January of 2020 on its way to $484 and a

There are 240 million people with compromised immune systems worldwide. Our calculator doesn’t go that high. This is the type of math which can cause a lot of fun on Wall Street!

Here’s where the story get’s good. We have talked to enough medical experts to say with a high degree of confidence (google it or read the long report) that the mRNA vaccines are not protecting the people with weak immune systems. The vaccine is supposed to ignite the antibodies that everyone has in their own body to attack the virus, but it just ain’t happening.

We heard a story of a woman who hasn’t been out of the house in three years since the pandemic started. For her and millions of others, the pandemic never ended.

There’s a story of another women June Tatelman, who takes a drug to suppresses her immune system for lung inflammation. Her doctor had been reading recent medical studies suggesting the vaccine might not work well for some people taking medications like hers. So he asked her to get a blood test to see if the vaccine had worked — if she had antibodies against the virus. She did the test and had no detectable antibodies against Covid-19. “It was a total shock, she said.

In the report you can read the details.

Oh and one last plug, David Dodd the CEO is a turnaround specialist, and a great guy. He’s 74 years old and has a lot riding on this. This is his ultimate opportunity for a Crowning Trifecta, reflecting 30 years of transforming and restructuring distressed public and private companies.

During his 5 year tenure at Solvay (1995-2000), the enterprise value increased from $100 million to $2.5 billion, and ultimately to $6.2 billion in 2006, when it was acquired by Abbott Labs (ABT).

After Solvay, David next became President of publicly traded Serologicals (SERO) during a management shake-up in 2000. The share price of SERO had fallen from $30 to $3.00 in 1999. Within six years it rose back to $31, with the market cap rising from $85 million to $1.4 billion.

This is a great story, we’re telling you. When we finished writing the report, we printed it out and we took it to the beach with a cooler full of hard seltzers. It took us about 40 minutes to read it. Oh did we mention it has a $6 million market cap. Unbelievable.


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