Continued Strength at LQR House (LQR) Post-Reverse Split.

Like a Surprise Christmas Gift, LQR House has Gained Nearly Four-Fold (330%) Post Split. New Report out Tomorrow.

LQR House (LQR) +65%, Rebounding On New Clients Announcements.

The Liquor House Continues to Impress. We called this the most interesting Company of 2023. While extreme volume...

Selling Under Cash. LQR House (LQR) Addresses Nasdaq Delisting.

If You're a Sophisticated Speculator, and we do Mean Sophisticated, Study LQR House (LQR) or 'the Liquor House' Story.

LQR House (LQR). And the Numbers are In!

A Situation Which Can't be Ignored! That's not to say run out and buy it, but this current valuation...

LQR House Repurchases 1,476,355 Shares in Ongoing Share Buy Back Initiative

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / LQR House Inc. (the "Company" or "LQR House")...

Is the Liqour House (LQR), an Alcohol E-Commerce Powerhouse in the Making?

Beyond Marketing: LRQ HOUSE Reports That Acquisition Poised To Transform Them Into An Alcohol E-commerce Powerhouse

Institutional Analyst Initiates Coverage on LQR House ‘the Liquor House’ (NASDAQ: LQR).

Report posted below @3:11 11.13.23 LQR House (LQR) $0.09 Easily the Best and Most...

LQR House Inc. Announces Pricing of $11 Million Public Offering

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2023 / LQR House Inc. (the "Company" or "LQR House") (NASDAQ:LQR), today announced the...

LQR House Acquires CW Spirits, Online Liquor Retailer.

Country Wine and Spirits LQR House Strengthens Its Position by Acquiring Alcohol E-Commerce Platform, Enabling Direct Sales to Consumers

Adding LQR House Beverages (LQR) to the Watch List

A Lot of Fast Moving Parts. A Lot of Studying to do.

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