Snowflake (SNOW) vs Facebook (FB) IPO.

Better to Wait a Year? Snowflake shares more than double. It's the biggest software IPO ever
Biotech Stock Review

Tesla (TSLA) Price Target Upped to $1,000. Passes $500 Billion in Valuation Today.

First Crossing $100 Billion in Value in January, Crossing $527 Today Puts the Valuation at $500 Billion. Why Own Anything Else?

Adding Hapbee (HAPB) to the Watch List.

Listed on TSX under HAPB, we're officially price and time stamping our interest in this amazing little technology Company by adding it...

Healthcare and Technology Incubator Dalrada (DFCO) Bolsters LikidoONE’s® Clean Technology.

LikidoONE® 'HFC Free' Heat and Refrigeration pump, already a model marvel of engineering technology, anticipates an additional 12% boost in energy cost-cost...
Internet Stock Review

And We Have Our First Bitcoin Double.

Galaxy Digital (GLXY.TO, BRPHF) $12.85, $9.75. The story remains the same from exactly two months ago today. As...
coronavirus stocks

Coronavirus Stock Mania. 800% Gain, Seen in a Single Day on 180 Million Shares!

We've played many sector manias in the past (operative word 'play') such as solar, stem cells, restaurants, blockchain, marijuana, and patent monetization...
CB Scientific

Telehealth: CB Scientific (CBSC) Acquires Prevent Health Care International Corp.

CB Scientific, Inc. (CBSC) Announces Completion of Asset Purchase Agreement and Commencement of Its ECG Monitoring Business.

Stand Down VI: Dow 10,000? It Could Happen.

WILL FALLING RATES SAVE THE DAY? And yet, we're not worried. While we're not predicting it,...
American BriVision

American BriVision’s (ABVC) Clinical Study Sparks Interest From Potential Partners.

Is Wall Street Missing American Brivision's Full Clinical Safety and Efficacy Study? We Think it has. Potential...

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Wall Street Pounces on Hydroponics.

Indoor Growing & Hydroponics Outperform Both the Market and Marijuana Sector. Investor attention is...

Another Look at the Snowflake (SNOW) Mega IPO.

We haven't looked at Snowflake (SNOW) since its amazing IPO debut. It was priced at $120 and opened for trading at $245...

Wall Street Showing Love. Hepion Pharma (HEPA), Citius Pharma (CTXR) Raise $166 Million.

Hepion (HEPA) Banked $88 Million Yesterday, Citius (CTXR) Banks $78 Million Today. We're beginning to believe (and...