Adding Psycheceutical Bioscience (BWVI) $0.14 to Watch List. Ketamine.

Zappy Zapolin, Lamar Odom, Roland Rick Perry
Zappy Zapolin and Lamar Odom

Above: Lamar Odom and Psychedelic Spokesman Mike Zappy Zapolin

We’re Calling a Sector Bottom, and Psycheceutical (BWVI) as Our Favorite.

We launched the Psychedelic Stock Review in October of 2021 and pulled the plug a couple months later, when our technical analyst saw dark storm clouds heading to shore. And good thing too looking at ATAI’s chart.


We’re wildly enthusiastic on the treatments being explored and developed and now were wildly enthusiastic about the sector. Sector recoveries are notoriously difficult to time, but were seeing a recovery in one of the leading plays, ATAI Life Sciences which had Peter Thiel as their big fan. They came out at $15 raising $225 million. It traded up 40% and then just as fast as the party started, it ended in tears.

If you look at charts of a couple ETF’s that launched at the height of the craze, it would be comical, if it weren’t so sad. At its peak, ATAI was valued at $2.3 billion, which isn’t bad for a bunch of lab coats toiling away.

Today it’s valued at $327 million, up from $189 million, at its recent low of $1.14.


So we spent the past four months going over nearly every psychedelic stock out there. Well be coming out with a Top 10 List next week and reissue the 2023 Psychedelic Investor Guide.

Here is the 2021 Guide.

The Group Has Been Decimated!

(Bottom Fishing Anyone..)

SymbolCompany NameLast Price52-Wk High Chg %Avg Vol (3m)Market Cap
TPIAMycotopia 0.0530-98.42%3,614787,495
HAVLFHAVN Life0.0376-97.91%7,567554,171
SILFFSilo Wellness 0.0142-97.77%81,2852.036M
LVTTFLevitee Labs 0.0018-93.48%6,231368,750
DELCFDelic 0.0052-91.99%159,481688,448
ENVBEnveric Bio1.6200-91.24%32,0833.935M
GDNSFGoodness 0.1896-89.64%140,64824.698M
DRUG.CNBright Minds0.6700-88.96%12,03512.536M
RVVTFRevive Thera0.0435-88.86%544,91715.767M
KONEFWellbeing 0.0098-88.22%62,45739.303M
GBNHGreenbrook 0.7560-87.23%319,41733.559M
MNMDMindMed 3.0900-84.51%407,467129.215M
DMTTFSmall Phar0.0528-84.13%115,02918.417M
You think Banks were having a rough time..

So here’s some details about one of our current favorites, Psycheceutical Biosciences (BWVI)*.

While not a price target, since we don’t issue price targets, we do think it has multi-bagger potential. This newsletter while short, marks the date and price we called it one of our favorites. More to come next week. It is a light trader, so volatility should be expected.

A multi-bagger would mean everything that can go right, does in a couple years. We have no idea where this could trade short-term, but were so excited about the potential of their delivery mechanism for Ketamine (which was approved by the FDA: Johnson-Johnson-Janssen’s Spravato) we signed them as a client.

There are a lot of questionable (survival questions) with many of the psychedelic companies out there, but Psycheceutical’s technology called NeuroDirect™ makes this company stand out above all others.

The better the stock does, the better we do and we’re hoping this one can lead to our dream of owning a Tiki Bar and Motel in the Florida Keys, with a few jet skis..


In any event, our share ownership squarely puts us on the same page as other shareholders, as our motivations are aligned.

We had a thirty minute conversation going over the technology with Chad Harman the CEO and spent the morning yesterday with Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin going over the commercialization and business plans.

Psychedelic Advocate Mike Zappy Zapolin, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and CEO Chad Harman.

Chart looks tasty!

For now, the following recent press release below is a good starting point for your due diligence this weekend, as well as a visit to their website.

The Next Generation Of Mental Health Treatment: Psycheceutical Bioscience Inc.’s Novel Topical Ketamine Delivery.

Psycheceutical Bioscience Inc Website

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*Name and symbol change in the works.


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