We Are Raising the Price Potential of Immunomedics (IMMU) to $60, Highest on the Street, and Initiating Coverage on Another $3.00 Medical Start-Up American BriVision (ABVC). 

To put it mildly, for long-term investors – we’ve had both remarkable timing and luck with companies priced around $3.00 that have been brutally beaten down for years, and then seemingly turned around like magic and made a trek to over $20.00 (see charts below on Immunomedics and Dicerna). After being added to the Watch List when combined, gains exceeded $5 billion for the two companies.

In both instances, there was little love when we first discovered them. Though it wasn’t a straight path to over $20, with intermittent battles with aggressive short-sellers and well-educated naysayers. But we won in both instances and now, we just may have uncovered a third.


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