Trump’s (DJT) up 48% Today


Our only thought is it would be a great idea, to give some of the stock to E Jean Carroll for her lawsuit win.

Tuesday’s opening price of nearly $78, stake was worth nearly $6 billion, although lock-up restrictions likely prevent Trump from selling or even borrowing against those shares anytime soon.

DJT\DWAC is the most shorted SPAC in the U.S. with $168.6 million of short interest, 3.37 million shares shorted and 11.69% SI % Float. Shorting DJT/DWAC has not been a profitable trade in 2024 with short sellers down -$158 million in year-to-date mark-to-market losses, -152% for the year. Shorts are down -$93 million in March month-to-date mark-to-market losses, a -73% return for the month.

But, at these high stock price levels, which have hit year-to-date highs, we will probably see new short sellers try and jump into this trade hoping for a short-term pullback back into the $30’s or lower. Shorts that have been squeezed out of this trade will be replaced by new short sellers at what they see as new attractive entry points on the short side.

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Trump Media generated just $3.4 million of revenue through the first nine months of last year, according to filings. The company lost $49 million over that span.

The main asset of DJT is the Truth Social platform, which was launched a little more than two years ago, and which has around 5 million users according to research company Similarweb, although reports suggest that the user count has been moving up and down over time and that activity is somewhat uneven.

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