Citius (CTXR) up 19%, Draganfly (DFLYF) up 31%, urban-gro (UGRO) up 37%, Provention (PVRB) flip-flopping, Hapbee Technologies (HAPBF) up 26% and the Alkaline Water Company up 26%.

A fun start to the summer…

Citius (CTXR) Up 19%

Stem Cell therapy for Covid wins Award – chosen over 400 participants at International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) 2021 Annual Meeting.

Draganfly (DFLYF) UP 31%

Our “Tesla of Drones” trading nicely bolstered by shareholder call and record revenues.

urban-gro (UGRO) up 37%

Our Hydroponics play, trading nicely also bolstered by shareholder call and record revenues. Guess we all ought to pay more attention to these calls!

Provention (PVRB) Flip-Flopping on FDA Related News – Hello, Heartburn!

Up 40% then down 28%. We are in the ‘zone’ (now until July 2nd) with regard to extreme volatility. Our fingers are crossed – updates here. Provention Bio (PRVB) Updates.

Hapbee Technologies (HAPBF) up 26%

Up 26% from its low, we added Hapbee to the 2021 Watch List a week ago. It’s been a rough year for Hapbee after taking a fast and furious run from a spectacular IPO debut gaining 136% on its first day of trading. It later traded as high as $1.07 ($1.27 Canadian). Technically speaking it broke through the first line of resistance and is eyeing the second line.

This is not a ‘trading’ vehicle. That’s what AMC or Gamestop or Bitcoin are for. We use their device every day and we firmly believe their device will eventually catch on with consumers – after which we could see rapid word-of-mouth based growth. It will be something to see and worth waiting for.

Alkaline Water Company up 26%.

Up 26% from its low – to be honest – it’s been a difficult couple of years for Alkaline Water (stock performance-wise). What makes it so frustrating is they keep reporting better and better numbers – from under $5 million shortly before going public to over $47 million in the trailing twelve months. Maybe the turn is finally here.

While unlikely, maybe it could trade like Celcius (CELH) which we added to the Beverage Stock Review at the same time we added the Alkaline Water Company. Unlikely because who would have ever thought Celcius could trade from $0.99 to $68 and 30 times sales, versus 2 times sales for WTER. What the?

While sales have doubled from $19 million to $40 million in 2020 – Alkaline’s share price slowly drifted from near $5.00 to where it sits today. Maybe now that they partnered with Shaquille O’Neal and Barstool Sports, the stock may get the attention, in our opinion, that it deserves.

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