And We Weren’t Watching!

It was Friday after all, and the last day of the year, and we were celebrating our 78% gain in Ardelyx (ARDX). So we didn’t even see a literal explosion in stock price and volume.

We had a great end to the year, to say the least, but we think 2023 will be one of our best years ever. So many bargains…

He Shoots And He Scores. Ardelyx (ARDX) Gains 78%. Happy New Year!

We’re not day (week or month) traders. We don’t even use real-time quotes. So where we find meaning in Friday’s trading, is that there’s is now a lot more eyeballs following Silo’s progress.

True they may be trader’s eyeballs – but the way we look at it, let’s say there were 200 investors who traded Silo on Friday. There were 405 trades that day. And let’s say because of the price spike, that another 1,000 (maybe 5,000) investors took a look at the name for the first time ever.

If 10% of the investors take time to read what Silo actually does (most don’t) and believe like we do that Silo holds merit for the long-term, that’s a total of 520 potentially new long-term holders. All companies need long-term believers (like a year plus), to sustainably trade higher.

The point is a small company like Silo doesn’t need 520 long-term shareholders, it only needs like 50, new well-heeled long-term shareholders. Silo has numerous shots on goal, they have cash ($12 million), and a market value of $10.5 million. Wait, what? Like how could someone not own something like this for the long-term.

“This is our first addition to the “2023 Top 10 Psychedelic Watch List.” Priced and time stamped at $3.50. Not a trade, we’re looking out a couple years.”

Adding Silo Pharma (SILO) $3.50 to Watch List.


Psychedelic Stock Review

Later today we will be adding ATAI (ATAI) $2.66 and Compass Pathways (CMPS) $8.03, Pharmather (PHRRF) $0.04 and Revive Therapeutics (RVVTF) $0.08 to the Top 10 Psychedelic Watch List.

Comeback to the website to see details.

2023 is going to be the year of the Psychedelics and we are going to ride it for all it’s worth (well, that’s the plan at least).

As a reminder, Silo Pharma is a news coverage client, and we will have a detailed report out this week. For now let’s just look at the charts.




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