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Our 2021 ETF Model Portfolio: Silver

Our Everyone and Everything including the Kitchen Sink Trade for 2021!

We have been saying for the past couple of years, that sooner or later, the Robinhood trading community would discover precious metals.

Our vision was off in that we thought they would arrive AFTER a serious correction in the stock market. Our vision was off in that we thought they would arrive SLOWLY and QUIETLY.

Our vision was that a feeding frenzy would start AFTER the price of Silver (and Gold) had doubled – which would cause Robinhood traders to take notice.

Well, that day has arrived. This weekend. Another long-term event – compressed into a day/week/month. Blackrock’s iShare Silver Trust, which represents the largest silver ETF, saw an unprecedented inflow. Nearly $944 million was poured into this ETF on Friday alone.

We had it a bit backward. Instead of a rising price causing them to take notice, they will be causing the price rise, to make the world take notice.

It’s here, it’s now.


Finding good Silver plays in a hurray is a bit like shopping the day before Christmas..and you haven’t even made a list yet.

Fret not, we’re here to help. Institutional Gold Research Group– your concierge, your shopping assistant. We’ve been waiting for you.

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While the ‘Game Stonk’ thing was/is for only the wildest of traders who are constantly glued to their monitor – investing and trading in Silver can be fun and games for nearly everyone! We’ve never seen this before (ever), but at $30 per ounce Silver seems good for Orphans and Widows, Conservative investors, Corona Relief Check investors, Aggressive investors, Speculators, Hedge Funds, Asleep at the Wheel passive investors, and everything in between.*

Is this the FOMO trade of 2021? FOMO = Fear of Missing Out. We’re rather sure you are feeling a little bit of fear right now. It’s only natural.

And after all, it doesn’t seem to have the downside that Gamestop or bitcoin has.

Hmm. If you missed Bitcoin, and missed the Big Short Squeezes – we can probably guess what you might be thinking (along with millions of others) right now.

And CNBC is tooting the horn, Reddit traders move on to silver and Silver jumps 8%, touches 8-year high.

“Is this is going to be the third time to let something good slip by – while sitting in a cold apartment quarantined – while everyone else is having fun?”

Or will it be, “Honey, we’re buying Silver today. Get the vacation bags packed, we’re headed to the most Corona free Island we can find this summer. We’re having cocktails with little umbrellas in them – all day and all night. We deserve this.”

So much fun..but only if you’re participating. We wouldn’t call it ‘investing’ but at the same time, it isn’t Gamestomping. Be forewarned, as has been our policy since 1995, we do make recommendations when to buy and we will not make recommendations as when to sell. What we are simply saying is IF you want to play this market, here are some interesting ways to play it.

Since we were caught off guard to what’s going on this very second – we are rushing out a model portfolio of ETFs to play, versus individual Silver miners plays (that’s coming). On the logical risk scale:

Silver bullion ETF’s.
Silver senior miner ETF’s.
Silver junior miner ETF’s.
Silver senior miner stocks.
Silver junior miner stocks.

We’ll try to have a miners list out this week. Our basic premise is if Silver and/or Gold can double in price (our long-term price vision for Gold is $10,000 in five years), then the Silver and/or Gold producing miners can triple in price – as history has shown. It’s simple math.

FORBES: Silver prices recorded two consecutive weeks of gains on Friday, following two back-to-back weeks of losses. The big bull run started on January 28, when the silver open price was $25.26 and the low was $24.86. On Friday, January 29, silver prices touched a high of $27.65, and this bull run pushed the silver spot price above $30 today. In simple words, silver has surged nearly 19% since Thursday last week. In addition to this, today’s one-day percentage gain is the biggest since 2008.

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Two model portfolio’s.

One called Aggressive (bullion) and one called More Aggressive (bullion and miners).

This morning isn’t “Gentleman Start Your Engines.” This morning is Gentleman, Pop it in Gear – and Press the “Pedal to the Metal.”

Think of it as the Indy 500. It really doesn’t matter how the first lap of 500 laps goes. But psychologically, you don’t want to be the last man in the race.


*Humor of course.