Adding Draganfly (DFLYF) $1.40 to Watch List.

Steve Wozniak

Amnnounces Deal to Supply 3,000 Drones to Steve Wozniak via ‘Woz EDU” Partnership.

  • Recent Down Draft from $3.25 to $1.40 Provides Excellent Entry Point.
  • Just Reported Record Results for 2020, Revenues of $4.3 Million Up 216%.
  • Lands $1 Million Contract to Provide ‘Magnetometers’ Drones to Mining Industry Leader Windfall GeoTek Inc.
  • Lands Contract With First Sheriff Department to Pre-Screen Inmates.
  • Lands Contract With Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.
  • Lands LOI for Delivery of Covid Vaccines.
  • Raised $16.5 Milliion Via Reg A.
  • This, In Our Opinion, Has Robinhood | Wall Street Bets Written All Over it!

Look what we found!

Steve Wozniak’s Woz ED

Studying now, report out by Wednesday. Enjoy!

Steve Wozniak’s K-12 Education Program Woz ED Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership with Draganfly

Start your due diligence with earnings release: Draganfly Announces Record Revenue in Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2020 Financial Results.

Also note: US Government to Stop Buying Chinese-made Drones.

S-1 Filed with SEC | June 2020




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