True Nature | Mitesco (MITI) Raising $15 Million.

LIVE CHART Mitesco, Inc. Announces up to $15 Million Unit Preferred Capital...

Telehealth DTC Startup Ro is now Offering Coronavirus Assessments (ModernRetail).

Ro — a DTC telehealth company for everything from erectile dysfunction to helping quit smoking — has a new service aimed at...

Our Favorite Incubator, Incubates! Telehealth in its Future?

True Nature|Mitesco has found an excellent first Company to incubate and help grow, called MyCare.The founders of the Minute Clinic are teaming...

Augmentative Wearable Device, Hapbee, Receives Amazing Reviews by Testers.

Originally posted on MartechSeries. The innovative augmentative wearable device, Hapbee, has been giving testers a reason to be happy....
Mitesco, Biotech Stock Review

Medtech Incubator True Nature | Mitesco (TNTY) Adds Another Heavy Hitter to Board.

True Nature Holding, Inc. DBA Mitesco, Inc. Adds Distinguished Healthcare Executive to Board of Directors.

Hapbee Corporate Presentation. Private.

Julie R Smith, True Nature, Mitesco

True Nature|Mitesco President & COO, Julie Smith Interview.

Julie R. Smith is a seasoned senior executive...

True Nature|Mitesco (TNTY). Coverage Report Issued.

Record Volume and Gradually Rising Price Portends to Higher Prices in 2020 as True Nature Executes on Recently Announced Incubator Strategy.
Biotech Stock Review,

Premier Health (PHGRF) Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Livecare.

Livecare is an established leader in the Canadian digital health spaceHave provided over 27,000 telemedicine visitsService over 500 independent active health practitioner...

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