American BriVision’s (ABVC) Clinical Study Sparks Interest From Potential Partners.

American BriVision

Is Wall Street Missing American Brivision’s Full Clinical Safety and Efficacy Study? We Think it has.

Potential Partners are Now Able to Examine Vitargus® the World’s First Bio-degradable Vitreous Substitute.

American BriVision Issues Clinical Study Report for Vitargus First-in-Human Phase I Clinical Trial.

FREMONT, CA, Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — American BriVision (Holding) Corporation (OTCQB: ABVC), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic solutions in oncology/hematology, CNS, and ophthalmology, today issued a full clinical study report (CSR) of Vitargus® First-in-Human Phase I Clinical TrialThe safety and preliminary efficacy findings from this study, combined with the unique properties of Vitargus® (BFC-1401), are supportive of further development for its use during vitrectomy surgery in patients requiring vitreous replacement.

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“We have been in discussions with several potential distribution partners seeking to work with us for the upcoming pivotal trial phase, as well as the marketing and commercialization of Vitargus,” said Dr. Howard Doong, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “The issuance of the CSR permits those discussions to move forward.” 

Worldwide vitrectomy cases are expected to grow from 1.26 million in 2012 to 4 million by 2030 (6.8% CAGR) and achieve a $2 billion market value. Vitargus® is the world’s first bio-degradable vitreous substitute and offers a number of advantages over current vitreous substitutes by minimizing medical complications and reducing the need for additional surgeries.

The study was an open label, Phase I study undertaken at a single study center in Sydney, Australia. A total of 11 participants were enrolled for the study in which each participant had been diagnosed with either (1) a complex or rhegmatogenous retinal detachment or chronic retinal detachment with failure of gas or silicone oil treatment or (2) a vitreous hemorrhage that requires vitrectomy surgery. The study found that Vitargus® was well-tolerated as a vitreous substitute without any apparent toxicity to ocular tissues. Further, there was no indication of an increased overall safety risk with Vitargus®.

“Most notably,” commented Dr. Doong, “participants showed significant improvement in visual acuity. The optical properties of BFC-1401 allowed the patients to see well and facilitated visualisation of the fundus immediately following surgery. In addition, since Vitargus® sets as a stable semisolid gel adhering to the retina, it will maintain its position without requiring the patient to remain face-down following surgery.”

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American BriVision (Holding) Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on utilizing its licensed technology to conduct proof-of-concept trials through Phase II of the clinical development process at world-famous research institutions (such as Stanford University, University of California at San Francisco, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center). The company has an active pipeline of six drugs and one medical device (ABV-1701/Vitargus®) under development.


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