Added to 12 Biotech Stocks we Expect to Double List.

The Original Biotech 6-Pack from 2020, is Growing to a 12-Pack!

Okay, here’s our second addition to the list. We’re not going to do these one at a time. But this needed to be added due to its small market capitalization and propensity to move both fast and furious on breath-taking volume.


The reason for the expansion in names is that while we had a hard time finding any great ideas in 2021 (thankfully*), there are dozens and dozens of names that had a total melt down last year, which we can now choose from.

This is just a heads up to ‘time and price stamp’ our interest. So..that’s January 14th at $5.74. Come back a year from now, to see how good we are (if at all)!

Here’s how the ‘2020 stocks we expect to double’ shaped up:

Not bad, eh?

Those are peak prices, with no guidance from us. Six out of six winners, and five out of six gaining 100% ain’t bad right?


Immix closed a $21 million raise in late December @$5.00 a share shortly after it began trading on NASDAQ on the 16th. While only 4.2 million shares were placed, it was a wild week with 8.7 million shares trading on the 17th with a range of $3.50 at the low, $6.31 at the high and a close of $4.00.

Then as fast as the traders arrived, they packed their bags, left and it drifted to a low of $3.00 with days where only 95,000 shares traded.

Until ten days later…when a ‘Massive FDA Win’ (InvestorPlace) hit. With what happened that day, and how the markets have been behaving since (down), leads us to believe we better count our blessings, jump on this pony and pronto.

Had it not been for the horrible market action, it could very well be trading in excess of $10.00 a share (like as we speak).


What the?

Big picture, right now the stock is only $0.75 above its IPO price which was BEFORE the big news, and well below its high of $8.68 which is 50% higher from where it’s currently trading.



So, we’re putting this out after the close so you can spend the weekend doing research. While we are long term in nature, surely this should appeal to traders.

The News..

(Note, while fantastic news was reported, we are early in studies. While the market for the cancer they are targeting (soft tissue carcinoma) is large at an estimated $3.5 billion – to date the results are in mice. Okay?)

January 3rd: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves Immix Biopharma Rare Pediatric Disease Designation

January 12th: ImmixBio IMX-110 Produced 50% Positive Response Rate in First-Line-Therapy-Resistant Cancer, Surpassing the Standard of Care

Immix Biopharma, Inc. Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering


Immix’s Lead Program Shows 50% Response Rate In Resistant Cancer In Animal Study

IMMX Stock Alert: The Massive FDA Win That Has Immix Biopharma Blasting Higher Today

Immix Shares Rally On FDA Rare Pediatric Disease Tag For Cancer Program In Children

Immix Biopharma’s stock rockets after pediatric cancer treatment granted RPD by the FDA

Immix Biopharma Soars On RPD for Pediatric Cancer Treatment

12/16: Two Biotechs Began Trading Thursday. One Jumped, the Other Plunged.

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*We highlighted Provention Bio and Lantern Pharma and both got severely beaten.