Still our favorite biotech microcap, still our favorite management team, and our favorite risk to reward idea with a $4 million market cap, addressing solutions which reach well over $1 billion.

And yet it here it sits just under $2.00. We’ve seen this movie before and it takes patience – which in our opinion brings up an opportunity to acquire a significant stake being the ‘bid’ and taking in stock from previous shareholders, who have been crushed – down from a reverse split high in the $200’s. much like NovaVax (NVAX) which just jumped 225% in a couple days, an ‘old school’ Covid vaccine play.

NovaVax Long Term Chart

GeoVax Long Term Chart

Can the same happen to GeoVax? We feel yes, on significant news, and a four or five times better move than NovaVax did, with a market cap under $5 million. NovaVax traded 280 million shares in the last two days alone gaining over $1 billion in market cap, so we know an audience is still out there for vaccine ideas, who are just waiting.

Investors can of course wait for news. The traders and flippers bought NovaVax at $4.00 a couple days ago, flipped at $10, which of course is not bad. But today it hit $14. And with Sanofi as a partner, it could be headed much, much higher.

Below are some posts we recently did on GeoVax. There is an Conference Call tomorrow from management at the close – Tuesday.

GeoVax to Report First Quarter 2024 Financial Results and Provide Corporate Update on May 14, 2024

Try to read the ‘book’ we wrote on GeoVax before the call. As they used to say at Drexel Burnham in the 80’s we are ‘highly confident’ this idea will work. Otherwise we wouldn’t have signed them as a client to report on their news and progress.

NovaVax (NVAX) Roars Higher, Gaining 225% a $1.2 Billion Increase, at the Blink of an eye!

COVID-19 Immunity From mRNA Booster Does Not Last Very Long.

We’re in Tampa for the Kentucky Derby.

Institutional Analyst Newsletter. Citius (CTXR), GeoVax (GOVX).

GeoVax (GOVX) Launches Vaccine Manufacturing System.

Conference Call Details

Domestic: (800) 715-9871

International: +1 (646) 307-1963

Conference ID: 4923340


A webcast replay of the call will be available for three months via the same link as the live webcast approximately two hours after the end of the call.

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