COVID-19 Immunity From mRNA Booster Does Not Last Very Long.

Study finds that the median length for the antibody half-life immune response was 63 days for the primary series, and increased to 115 days for those who went on to receive their boosters.

Deaths appear to no longer be a problem, unless of course you were one of the 690 who recently died! That’s 690 people who thought “Covid was gone.”

It also doesn’t appear to be a problem for Sanofi (SNY), which cut a $1.2 billion deal with money losing NovaVax (NVAX). Imagine the investor who sold at $4.00…whoops.

It’s called selling the winning lotto ticket.

Those with a compromised immune system (23 million in the U.S. alone), remain particularly vulnerable.

The study’s authors—York Post Doctoral researchers Chapin Korosec and David Dick, Applied Mathematics Professor Iain Moyles and Professor James Watmough with the University of New Brunswick—used health data submitted to the COVID Immunity Task-Force project for more than 150 individuals who received either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to look at how immunity holds up over time.

Primary series and booster dose model fit results. (A) Example individual model fits for the primary series (blue) and booster dose (orange) Anti-S trajectory data. Dashed lines for D1, D2, and D3 indicate timing of dose 1, dose 2, and dose 3, respectively. (B) Distribution of all individual half lives for primary series (blue) and booster dose (orange). (C) Individual Anti-S half life as a function of chronological age for primary series and booster dose, where a decreasing trend as a function of increased age is found. (D) Violin plots of Anti-S half lives and number of chronic morbidities. Points are plotted with a jitter function to display the density of individuals with each chronic morbidity count. (E) Parametric plot of chronic morbidity count and chronological age, where the size of each point corresponds to the number of data points at a given age with the same chronic morbidity count. The number of individuals within each chronic morbidity category are shown to the right of the plot. Credit: Scientific Reports (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-024-58811-3 © Provided by Medical Xpress

Reported in Nature Magazine

Reported in Science X

A New Covid Vaccine for the Immunocompromised from GeoVax (GOVX) In Trials.

We know what you’re thinking. Covid is gone. We’ll it’s not gone if you have a weak immune systems. And there are 23 million people in the U.S. alone, who in technical terms are ‘immunocompromised.’ Think of cancer patients, or transplant patients who are taking immunosuppressant drugs, so that the organ transplant isn’t rejected.

If we can assume a treatment price of $50 (a number we pull out of the air), GeoVax is looking at a potential revenue bonanza of $1.15 billion, if approved. And remember, we are the people who spotted Moderna (MRNA) at $21, in January of 2020 on its way to $484.

There are 240 million people with compromised immune systems worldwide. Our calculator doesn’t go that high. This is the type of math, which can cause a lot of fun and excitement on Wall Street!

Killer, 44-Page Report on GeoVax (GOVX).

GeoVax Reports Positive Interim Data From Phase 2 Clinical Trial!