Amazing New Technologies Keep Popping up.

We love when this happens during Sector Bear Markets, which Psychedelics have clearly been in. Amazing technology can be bought (or invested in) for pennies on the dollar!

(PS. This is a technique for long-term investors, not traders.)

We thank our lucky stars, we that shortly after we launched the Psychedelic Stock Review in October of 2021, we shut it down in December of 2022 (market related technical analysis). Because if we hadn’t, we would be moaning about current share prices across the sector, instead of drooling over them as opportunities, astonished at how low the their valuations actually got. Amazing for us, though not so much, for shareholders in companies like Compass Pathways (CMPS). It fell from $55 to $5.50 after raising hundreds of millions! Ouch.

As a side note, the 2024 Psychedelic Investor Guide will be issued next week. For sure, this time. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. We think the timing (this time) will be perfect this round. The Top 15 Psychedelic Stock Watch List will follow shortly after it is released. And we’re looking for a location (most likely FL) for the 2024 Psychedelic Investor Conference. It will be EPIC.

2021 Psychedelic Investor Guide.

We are also going to launch a Psychedelic TV program to interview executives. Yup, we’re going pelotas deep.


Health and addiction problems plague the modern world and Clearmind (CMND) is looking to improve the landscape. With new, cutting-edge, psychedelic-based medicine, Clearmind is developing the perfect solution to a variety of afflictions.

With an initial focus on alcohol abuse and binge drinking, and with a world-class team of scientists heading the project, Clearmind is making waves in the pharmaceutical industry.

Interview with ClearMind’s VP of Business Development Mark Haden.

(Note during the interview he suggests the initial focus on alcohol could be expanded to other addictions – with clinical trial funding, of course.)

And the stock is trading under $1.00 (like way under $1.00). says CMND has 14.64 million shares outstanding. No that’s not a mirage and it puts the market cap under $5 million (like way under). CMND reversed and uplisted on November 17, 2022, issuing 1.1 million shares at $6.50 per share. The underwriter for the IPO was Aegis Capital Corp.

In April of 2023 they raised $3.5 million issuing 3,097,459 shares at $0.78, plus a warrant.

RELATED: Clearmind Medicine Closes US$2.25 Million Public Offering This was done in September 2023 at $0.30, plus a warrant.

(Common Shares to be issued and outstanding after this offering
14,637,096 Common Shares – assuming exercise in full of the Pre-Funded Warrants).







*Require registration.


It would be impossible to acquire a $1 million position here, so this is out of (under) the reach of most institutions, unless they have another offering (secondary). But it does trade enough to provide a noteworthy gain for smaller investors, if the stock heads to where we think it is eventually headed to.

Big picture, imagine a treatment that enables you to give up the habit (the bad habits), but not give up the lifestyle. Where do we sign up!

Prof. Mark Haden: Psychedelics – Past, Present and Future





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