Danny Ritman

GBT Technologies (GTCH) Aims to Power Wearable GPS Tracker for Seniors.

GOPHER | GBT TECNOLOGIES https://youtu.be/9ovYCMHmOi8 GBT Technologies and GTX Corp. Enter into...
GBT Technologies, GTBC

Adding GBT Technologies (GTCH) to the Watch List.

Massive Potential From California Based Technology Think Tank. Yes, risky - as in...
GBT Technologies

GBT (GTCH) Is Researching To Develop An AI Empowered, Wireless Patient Health Monitoring System

The researched technology, is aiming to create a Radio-Based patient health monitoring system for homes or facilities SAN...
Draganfly, Drone Investor

Integrated Launcher and Draganfly to Develop Drone-Based Non-Lethal Air Support Defense System.

Integrated Launcher Solutions Finalizes Definitive Agreement with Draganfly to Develop Drone-Based Non-Lethal Air Support Defense System Los Angeles, CA,...

Goldman Sachs Likes the Drone Industry, and So Do We.

Steve Wozniak

Adding Draganfly (DFLYF) $1.40 to Watch List.

Amnnounces Deal to Supply 3,000 Drones to Steve Wozniak via 'Woz EDU" Partnership.
Internet Stock Review

Two of Our $5.00 Watch List Stocks Double, in Like Just Five Months!

Added to the Watch List in November, OMNIQ (OMQS) and Galaxy Digital (GLXY) Shine like a Pretty Penny, with OMNIQ Doubling...

OMNIQ (OMQS) $10.00, Announces Record $25 Million in New Orders, 100% Growth in AI-Based...

OMNIQ Announces Q4 2020 Revenue, up 12% YoY achieving $13 Million in Q4 Revenue; Growth Accelerates in Q1 2021 with a...

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Draganfly, Drone Stock Review

Draganfly (DPRO) Closes $20 Million Public Offering. Now NASDAQ.

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Draganfly Inc. (Nasdaq: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8) (“Draganfly” or the “Company”), a...

Good Clinic Owned by Mitesco (MITI) In Star Tribune.

Former MinuteClinic Principals Open Walk-in Clinic in Minneapolis, Plan 3 More This Year. 50 Clinics Planned in Next Three Years.

With Hapbee (HAPBF) Who Needs, Drugs, Caffeine or Nicotine?

Record 1 Million Hours of Mood Stimulation Served by Hapbee (HAPBF). TRADING AT THE LOWER END OF...