Telehealth App Hapbee (HAPB) Goes Public and More.

Hapbee, Biotech Stock Review

1. Hapbee (HAPB) $0.30, Going Public.
2. Saying Goodbye to Immunomedics (IMMU) $86.
3. Adding Biosig (BSGM) $2.95, to Watch List.
4. Dalrada (DFCO) $0.11, Cancer Screening Test Kit vs Pap Smear.
5. Shark Tanks’ Kevin Harrington Gets Into Sanitizer Business with Aphex BioCleanse (SNST).
6. Can This Diabetes Drug Make you Smarter?
7. Disclaimer.


1. Hapbee (HAPB) $0.30, Going Public.

This is simply the most amazing technology we have come across in ages, and we see a lot of new technology!

We met one of the principals at an investor conference who said he was working with a new device that could emulate the wonderful feelings one gets from caffeine and nicotine. We said, “where do we sign up?”

Shortly thereafter we received a device via UPS and was impressed with the packaging (we would call it Apple computer quality packaging) and the quality of the device itself.
Then we tried it. Yes, we are prone to the placebo effect more than the average analyst – but the magnetic-based signals truly work. The guide said to use it two hours a day – but we opted for eight hours a day. Within three days we were hooked!

We’ll go into details in a coming report, but the settings (mood modulators we tested) were A) Focus, B) Alert and C) Calm. Within a week we fine-tuned the usage to using the Alert signal (emulates caffeine/energy drink) at 5 am.

Then at 9:30 am at the market open we switch to the Focus signal (emulates nicotine) for razor-sharp reactive capabilities – for when the FED injects a trillion into the market and at the same time, the FDA requires one of our favorite Biotech stocks to modify its trial study. Giving us that ‘roller coaster off the tracks’ feeling, demanding an immediate reaction or else.

We prefer not to be Calm, so we only used it once, so no opinion there.

Friends, it works.

So why should you be interested? Besides, it working and having a good revenue model ($379 for the device and a monthly fee) the market for anything Telehealth related is on fire. Secondly, the market valuations accorded to competitors like Calm are being valued in the billions. Why that’s important since we are not traders – is looking 2-3 years out, there is a long runway to travel considerably higher.

With this round of funding, Calm has gained a valuation of $1 billion.

We don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss valuation metrics on the first day of trading, so we’ll have a detailed report out on Monday. 

They raised $6.5 million back in July to give a little pep to their marketing efforts, though we think it has great potential to go viral via word of mouth – which is of course free..

A final thing, since there will no doubt be doubters, the inventor of the technology Chris Rivera saw the last company he founded Hyperion Therapeutics, acquired for $1.1 billion in cash nine years after it was founded (rewarding the patient). So doubters can put that in their doubter pipe and smoke it!

Oh and yes, as soon as we discovered the device worked, we of course signed them as a client. We just love Wall Street and now Bay Street too. 

Read this news archive we’re putting together to get started. News Archive.

In particular, watch these testimonial videos. Good stuff on their ultra-low radiofrequency energy (ulRFE®) technology. This is real. Video: Hapbee Testimonials.

Off to a good start: Opens at $0.74 up 144%.


2. Saying Goodbye to Immunomedics (IMMU) $86.

Really so sad. You might think what could be sad about finding in a company (credit to Robert DePhillips and his band of experts who guided us) selling for $3 in 2016 which got bought out at $86?

Well during bad days, when a stock blows up or when you’re getting a beat down for coming home too late smelling like good Tequila and cheap perfume, you can always look at one of your big winners and know ‘everything is going to be alright.’ 

Well, Immunomedics provided us with years of anti-septic grade ‘going to be alright.’ It did when it first broke $10. It really perked us up over $20 – though not so much when it dropped from $20 to $11 on a Goldman Sachs downgrade. And it was a true barrel of monkey’s fun when they got FDA approval in April and doubled, gaining $2 billion in value in one day. Yup, that was one hell of a happy hour where we painted the town red.

Immunomedics (IMMU) $3.00 to $88, Up 29-fold, Our Second Best Idea Ever.

But now she’s gone. Adios, my friend – off to find another one to keep us from going off the deep end.

3. Adding Biosig (BSGM) $2.95, to Watch List.

We’ve been following this great little technology company since January. The Company later launched a CoronaVirus Anti-Viral Initiative (in March) which as of today, has been halted – which means putting their full focus back on their amazing heart monitoring technology called PURE EP™.

Read more:

Adding BioSig (BSMG) $2.95 to Watch List.

4. Dalrada (DFCO) $0.11, Cancer Screening Test Kit vs Pap Smear.

We came across a very interesting Incubator (truly our favorite market sub-sector) called Dalrada (DFCO). Being an Incubator is not easy, And being a start-up incubator brings a whole new set of challenges – but these folks are running hard and acquired or partially acquired three amazing companies in a short period of less than a year. So we of course signed them up as a client. 

They have interests in a low-cost cancer screening kit, a hand sanitizer division, and what really looks like a revolutionary industrial grade ‘HFC Free’ Heat and Refrigeration pump called LikidoONE®. HFC’s if you don’t know is a bad thing related to Greenhouse gases. 

Studying and working on a report. In the meantime read these articles:

Adding Dalrada (DFCO) to CoronaVirus Stock Watch List.

Healthcare and Technology Incubator Dalrada (DFCO) Bolsters LikidoONE’s® Clean Technology.

Dalrada Cervical Cancer Testing Kit Study.

Shark Tanks’ Kevin Harrington Gets Into Sanitizer Business with Aphex BioCleanse (SNST).

Just when you think it can’t get any better, our favorite anti-bacterial, anti-virus solution maker finds its way into the heart of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank.

Shark Tanks’ Kevin Harrington Gets Into Sanitizer Business.

As a reminder, they are the only sanitizer company we know of who has submitted their product (Hy-IQ) to the FDA as a GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). 

Aphex BioCleanse Hand Sanitizer Seeking FDA GRAS Approval.

Adding Aphex BioCleanse Systems (SNST) to CoronaVirus Watch List.

We are of the opinion that if they get FDA approval this will transition from a hand sanitizer company to ‘clean everything, clean everywhere’ (hospitals, restaurants) biotech company with an attendant market valuation. 

6. Can This Diabetes Drug Make you Smarter?

Metformin Use Tied to Slower Cognitive Decline, Less Dementia Risk.

New study adds to evidence for T2D drug’s mental benefits

The study found that metformin use was associated with an 81% reduction in incident dementia risk.

Read more

Can This Diabetes Drug Make you Smarter?

7. Disclaimer.

HAPB, DFCO and SNST are all clients. See reports for detailed disclosure and disclaimer information.