Shares Roadmap to Expand the Society Pass (SoPa Group) Ecosystem in South East Asia.

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Can you share why SoPa chose Thoughtful Media (TMG) to do M&A ?

Society Pass (SoPa) is a leading data-driven loyalty platform in Southeast Asia (listed on Nasdaq – USA with ticker SOPA in the fourth quarter of 2021). After the IPO, SoPa has strongly implemented research, search and investment market selection activities . Through M&A activities, SoPa has acquired companies with online platforms operating in 6 connected verticals in areas such as lifestyle, F&B, travel, technology software for business (B2B), online advertising and loyalty platforms in Southeast Asia’s VIP priority markets – Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Through these 6 main business branches, SoPa is gradually implementing a strategy of completing and expanding the ecosystem, to connect millions of consumers and thousands of suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Online media and advertising is a fast-growing industry in Southeast Asia, and Thoughtful Media Group (TMG)’s business is one of six important industry groups on SoPa’s eco-tree. The acquisition of TMG is also part of SoPa’s journey to expand and complete the overall ecosystem, and is also a strategic activity in SoPa’s investment to perfect its supply chain through creating the environment. common ecosystem, so that the small ecosystems in the system can support each other to the maximum, forming a perfect and efficient supply chain of services to minimize costs and maximize profits for each individual. chain.

What role will TMG play in SoPa’s business strategy in ASEAN and Vietnam markets?

TMG’s mission is to become the region’s leading digital advertising platform to help advertisers, businesses and content creators unlock the potential of the content creation economy.

TMG connects brands and audiences, delivering superior results that tend to compete with most traditional and digital forms of media. Through a network of talented creators across multiple industries in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, TMG will help brands maximize marketing budgets and achieve business goals through a number of marketing campaigns. most innovative market in the region.

TMG will provide brands and advertisers with strategic advice from Awareness to Conversion. TMG will help advertisers spend money more efficiently, converting hundreds of millions of monthly views in TMG’s system across fields such as fashion and beauty, consumer goods, video games, cooking, automotive , travel and luxury goods segments… into outstanding business results.

How does owning TMG help SoPa develop new applications and increase business performance?

As a digital marketer, TMG not only provides innovative branding and marketing services, but also helps other business ventures in the SoPa ecosystem grow and attract customers faster.

TMG creates additional benefits for users, such as the Leflair lifestyle platform. By partnering with TMG, Leflair leverages TMG’s network of creators to rate and sell their products on multiple online platforms such as Youtube and Tiktok.

What is the distinct advantage of TMG/SoPa in terms of MCN over other platforms?

TMG’s business strategy includes four main areas of activity, including: Digital Platforms (Online Platforms), Premium Brands (Premium Brands), Social-selling and Sports Marketing (Sports Marketing). In particular, for the Vietnamese market, digital platforms and high-end brands will be two key business activities.

As part of the SoPa ecosystem, TMG has an edge over its competitors in three areas: It can easily take advantage of the financial and technological power of SoPa, which has officially IPO, listed on Nasdaq. . With strong financial and technology resources, TMG is able to expand the region, develop core technology to better support content creators, and expand service industry groups, market to famous brands.

TMG can also make the most of other joint ventures in the SoPa ecosystem to jointly create exclusive marketing and promotion programs. Typically, the combination of TMG and Leflair in Vietnam with the strategy of directly connecting content creators with genuine high-end products at good prices to jointly promote the online business segment (Social Selling)….Thoughtful Media Group, founded in 2010, in Bangkok, Thailand, is a leading multimedia digital advertising platform in Southeast Asia. TMG used to be one of the pioneers in deploying a multi-channel network in the Asian market. Before being acquired by SoPa in August 2022, Thoughtful Media Group has always been a strategic partner with today’s leading platforms such as Youtube, Meta and Tiktok.

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