The Higher it Goes, The More Nervous we Get.


Not much to report here, other then there could be news any day, any week. Or a month away (the way the FDA has been treating us lately).

Risk to reward is getting a little skewed, the higher it trades, with no news. The downside looks like $0.60 (it’s been there, done that) while the upside looks like $6.00 or better (been there and higher).

However as we used to say at Drexel Burnham in the 80’s — we are “highly confident,” it will perform well AFTER approval. PS. $6.00 isn’t the day of approval (if it gets approved), it’s a year after it gets approved.

Why do we play with stocks like these…because we love a life of danger, to be honest. Except no options, no margin.

Employees got ‘tooled’ up last week. Nice, they deserve it, if they deserve it (time will tell).

Board of directors granted 17 new non-executive employees options to purchase an aggregate of 271,735 shares of the company’s common stock, and an aggregate of 123,375 Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Each stock option has an exercise price per share equal to $1.96 per share.

Ardelyx, Inc. Reports Employment Inducement Grants


It’s Been There Done That, Both Ways.

Are we having fun yet

Most Recent Price Targets From the Street, are all Over the Street!



Fun read, we were working in the Drexel Burnham office during the crash in 1987 when this article was written. In fact, we moved there the day before the crash from the Chicago office. Good times!


Forward Looking Statements

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