Adding Hepion Pharma ($1.73) to Watch List. Oh My. What Did We Find Here?

Oh my…and Oh boy. We just signed a new client and the stars are aligned for 2021.

Hepion Pharma (HEPA) just banked $34 million in a secondary at a discount to the previous day’s closing price. Hepion was trading at $2.18 and the secondary was priced at $1.50. Seemingly like an ‘ouch’ for some.

If you’re an experienced investor, you’ve probably seen this before and made THREE observations. One is your effen pissed if you were a holder before the secondary. The second observation is it’s a gift from the “Secondary Gods’ to new investors. As the issuer’s securities typically hit an air pocket and trade down to the secondary price.

Why a gift? Well, one is the stock is cheaper than the day prior. And two there can be a lot of stock trading (being sold indiscriminately) enabling a new investor to acquire a meaningful (size) stake without running up the price with their own buying. Suddenly there is volume when previously there was little.

And finally, the third observation (to the observant) is that the issuer has cash that it didn’t have the day before! Cash is King, cash is gas. The gas to fuel product development, clinical trials, or for a consumer products company, for something like inventory or marketing.

Think of this analogy. You’re driving a Ferrari down the 405 Freeway and then suddenly you notice, “Oh no, I’m on E.” But luckily you see and pull up to a gas station just in time (which is not always the case on Wall Street).

So now what?, do you just sit in the car? Save money by just stubbornly sitting there?

Or do you fill the tank and go on your merry way? Of course, it will cost you to fill the tank – meaning dilution. So what do you do, what does your passenger (shareholder) want you to do? What you do is fill up the tank and get back on the road to the office in Silicon Valley and get some work done. So the gift is for both new investors as well as legacy shareholders, otherwise, they might be stuck at the gas station.

This is just a heads up ‘time and price stamp’ report which we have done many times in the past to announce when (but not why) we like what we discovered. It took us about 30 minutes to discover there is something major brewing here. Then a couple more hours reading and we were convinced.

We strongly suggest you quickly spend quality time doing the same. Here are some starter links, we’ll add dozens more and post them on our website this weekend. Past performance is absolutely no indication of future performance. But this gives us the same gut feeling we got when we first were shown Immunomedics IMMU ($3 to $86) and Dicerna DRNA ($3 to $25). A different analyst showed us each, but the similarities are downright spooky. We think the stars are aligned for 2021-2025.



TipRanks: $8.00 price target
MarketBeat: $800 price target, pretty certain a misplaced decimal point!
Press Release: Hepion Announces Closing of Public Offering of Common Stock
Press Release: Hepion Pharmaceuticals Completes Clinical Trial, Initiates Phase 2a ‘AMBITION’ Clinical Trial (yesterday).
Video: Fatty Liver Drug in Action.
Video: CEO Interview
Corporate Presentation: November 22nd.

That’s all for now. ..


Scroll down to early third quarter and the daily volume was 50,000-200,000 range.


We’re not saying there is any significant short interest here, but we crushed the shorts in Immunomedics (IMMU) including and even Martin Shkereli. Don’t be that guy.

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