OKAY, maybe not make you smarter, but a new study out today says it may delay the onset of dementia – so same thing in our book. We’re ordering a bottle today! No stock play. Metformin is generic now and sells for $4.00 a bottle. Needs a prescription though.

$4.00 for a wonder drug?

Better check your blood sugar, before you forget you read this. As many as 60% of patients with type 2 diabetes develop dementia. 

Metformin Use Tied to Slower Cognitive Decline, Less Dementia Risk.

New study adds evidence for T2D drug’s mental benefits

The study found that metformin use was associated with an 81% reduction in incident dementia risk.

“We’ve revealed the promising new potential for a safe and widely used medication, which could be life-changing for patients at risk of dementia and their families. For those with type 2 diabetes, metformin may add something extra to standard glucose-lowering in diabetes care: a benefit for cognitive health.” Katherine Samaras, PhD, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Read full article here.


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