PITTSFORD, N.Y., September 14, 2021 – Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. (OTCPK: SNST) (“Aphex” or “the Company”), a cleaning solutions company focused on the development and distribution of non-toxic and water-based cleaning products trademarked with Hy-IQ® Water, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent (US 11,112,397) for Open-Cell Foam Biological Indicator for Bacteria Detection & Removal from Water or Air, and Methods of Use


The patent, which is a key addition to the Company’s substantial and growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio, is both a composition of matter patent and a methods patent. It covers all Open-Cell foam of any kind including wherein the foam is impregnated with any type of biocide/disinfectant, not just Aphex’s proprietary, hydrogen-based Hy-IQ® Water. 

“With this addition to our robust IP portfolio, I believe that the Company’s value proposition is better positioned than ever before,” said Aphex Chief Marketing Officer Mark Timm. “We have created a globally-impactful solution that is working to eliminate harmful pathogens and toxins in a way that supports sustainability without compromise. We believe that we can work to do the right thing while providing great value to our customers and shareholders.” Aphex’s sustainable, reusable Open-Cell BioFoam™, when used in conjunction and/or infused with any EPA-registered disinfectant, does not deactivate disinfectant like single-use paper towels, substantially reducing the risk of spreading live, infectious pathogen droplets on surfaces.

It also increases surface contact with active disinfectant more than 200 times and traps the pathogens so that the active, EPA-registered disinfectant can kill viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens.  “When I originally filed this in 2017, my vision was to use my extensive background tackling more than 60 real world contamination events and disasters to infuse Open-Cell Foam with a disinfectant/biocide aimed at killing Algae and Legionella — I never thought this idea could help to protect public health in a global pandemic three years later,“ said Aphex Chief Sustainability Officer Scott Smith. “I was shocked to learn that single-use paper towels and cotton rags were contributing to the spread of this virus after my daughter, a frontline worker at a nursing home, along with more than 50% of all the frontline workers at her job, were severely infected even after following all PPE protocols and wearing N-95 masks.

We found that single-use paper towels, sponges and cotton rags can deactivate disinfectant and leave live, infectious pathogen droplets that can be transmitted to people via infected surfaces. This motivated me to discover the great benefits of BioFoam paired with an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill dangerous pathogens like SARS-CoV-2.” 

“Scott Smith has done so much to drive our Company forward and help us generate significant revenue — the issuance of this patent is just one prime example,” said Aphex Interim CEO Anthony Fedor. “It’s exciting to see that it has already brought in nearly a dozen new opportunities for operation expansion and revenue generation just this week.”

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Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc is the developer of the world’s first proprietary non-alcohol, non-toxic, and hydrogen-based cleaning technology. The technology, called Hy-IQ® Water, has a unique method of cleaning that uses hydrogen ions traveling nearly at the speed of light. Learn more about Aphex at www.aphexus.com. 

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