For Now, Volatility Remains and the Traders, Seem to be Having the Most Fun.

Silo Pharma Gains 53% Intraday on Patent (Ketamine) Related News

Our opinion for now, is one day this will have another up 50%-100% short-term move, then stay there a few weeks, before commencing on a sustainable run. The type of run that can last weeks or months or maybe even years – leaving traders who flipped, hoping for ‘another’ pullback which sadly (for them) never comes.


SPC 15 Related News

Our opinion is with each of these high volume days, a percentage of the stock lands in the portfolio of longer-term investors. The process takes time, it’s often described as ‘sucking up the float.’

When played right, it can work like magic.



Also note we’re not suggesting a large institutional investor arriving to our party. It’s just too small with a current market cap of only $8.2 million. This idea is for sophisticated high-net-worth individuals and smaller hedge funds.

If the stock were to go up ten-fold, its would still be too small (at $82 million) for large institutions, unless they were able to buy a large block directly from the company.

But with the recent stock-buyback announced, we don’t see that happening anytime real soon. That would most likely happen after an S-3 being filed and during statistically significant data being presented to the FDA. The kind of news that could ultimately send the stock up ten-fold.




Silo Pharma Announces Expansion of Intellectual Property Portfolio

Silo Receives Issuance of U.S. Patent Covering SPC-15 Method for Treatment and Prevention of Stress-Induced Affective Disorders

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Silo Pharma, Inc. (Nasdaq: SILO), a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company focused on merging traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today issued U.S. Patent 11,491,120, titled “Pharmacological Prophylactics Against Stress-Induced Affective Disorders In Females.” The allowed claims protect the use of portfolio drug SPC-15 in a method of treating stress-induced affective disorders including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“After a comprehensive review by USPTO, we are pleased with the scope of the granted claims offering further protection for our novel SPC-15 technology and its market potential for anxiety, PTSD, and related disorders,” said Eric Weisblum, Chief Executive Officer

Through its commercial evaluation license agreement with Columbia University, the Company holds an option to license certain assets currently under development by Columbia, including potential treatments for stress-induced affective disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

SPC-15 is a targeted prophylactic using ketamine compositions as a method of treatment and prevention for stress-induced affective disorders including PTSD. The treatment predicts levels of severity or progression of such disorders and their metabolomic biomarkers’ response to pharmacological treatments.

With the patent announced today, the Company expands its intellectual property and technology rights for the treatment of rare diseases,

About Silo Pharma
Silo Pharma. Inc. is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on merging traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research for people suffering from indications such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, and other rare neurological disorders. Silo’s mission is to identify assets to license and fund the research which we believe will be transformative to the well-being of patients and the healthcare industry. For more information, visit .

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