“Make no mistake, as the single largest shareholder as well as CEO of Beachbody, but more so because I believe in the importance of our mission to serve as many people as possible; this is deeply personal to me. Put plainly, at home fitness is not a passing trend that grew out of the pandemic. It’s here to stay.” Carl Daikeler

Before turning to the details of the quarter, I’d like to underscore two important points about our business. First, we have a differentiated offering, a leading position in the mass market and an extremely resilient business model with 3 million highly loyal and engaged customers that provides us with a significant opportunity to drive LTV through our diverse catalog and comprehensive product offering.

Second, the solid subscription growth we delivered versus the 2019 baseline reflects the strong long-term secular trend of demand for digital fitness and quality nutrition. Taken together, I’m confident in our future prospects despite the confluence of factors that impacted us during the quarter.

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