Look What We Found. Our First Internet Play in Ages, And It’s a Doozy.

We would categorize this under ‘future Reddit play.’ Just remember you don’t want to ‘be’ a Reddit trader, you want to ‘be ahead’ of a Reddit trader. Like months ahead.

We would also categorize this under a ‘long-term’ play, looking out two to three years. This is not a trade.


After a merger with Cabo Verde Capital, VRYE Network became publicly traded on – let’s call it November 29th, so this is a ‘youngin.’

Cabo Verde Capital Inc. Acquires VYRE Network – The Art of Streaming Culture®

The deal officially closed December 6th closing at $0.10. Cabo issued 286 million restricted common shares – so let’s say they effectively paid $28 million.

Cabo Verde Capital Inc. Completes Definitive Agreement to Acquire VYRE Network — The Art of Streaming Culture®

Oh, and yes, we like the idea so much we signed them as a client!

This is just a heads-up. We’re ‘time and price’ stamping our interest in the idea. So, three years from we can look back and say, “remember when we first found” VYRE Network and it was trading under a dollar and volume was $50,000?”

Of course, being a pioneer and playing with yougins carries the risk of air-pockets and the like. Could it trade back to $0.10? Of course. It’s not that we don’t care, but this has all the ingredients of a moon-shot so whether it’s $0.30 or $0.10 or $0.50 at this moment, it doesn’t really matter to us and $0.30 suits us just fine.

Channel Changer, what’s that?

There’s a lot of ingredients that we find attractive about the VYRE Network, but the most significant is the multi-billion valuations accorded to other streaming – music or video plays. You know the names. Spotify, Netflix, FUBO TV and the twenty or so others who are giving the gen Z’s no reason to ever buy a TV, no matter how cheap they are to buy.

And forget the gen Alpha’s. Their parents don’t watch TV so what are the odds they’ll even grow up with a TV in the home.

Streaming almost any type of content imaginable to man and at any time you want is an unstoppable force. One family member watching sports, another watching a live concert, yet another watching cooking shows.

So, what did Cabo Verde get for its money (stock). In short, plenty. We look at it as a coup – grabbing it before a VC found it.

VYRE Network is a free streaming platform with worldwide reach through apps on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, iPhone, Samsung TVs and on the web. Focused on Generations X, Y and Z, VYRE Network sets out to become the most relevant content streaming company for those of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

VYRE Network has three Operational Divisions – Distribution, Live Stream and Studios & Productions. Currently there is a selection of 18 channels, including Sports (football, boxing & documentaries), Music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop & EDM), Lifestyle (Cooking & Travel), Family, and Comedy. Vasool TV (Hindi) and It’s Espanol TV (Spanish) are VYREs international based channels, with Vyre Africa, Vyre Asia, and Vyre Brazil launching shortly.

We used to find companies like this all the time in the late 90’s before the Internet boom. We’d run into genius start-ups which became public just like VYRE did or via a small regional broker-dealer all the time. But that all went away with VC’s writing $10 or $20 million first round checks, $100 million second round checks and IPO’s valued over $10 billion. Those bastards lol.

Get it – got it -we’re gone. We’ll be back with a short report by the end of next week.

Spend your weekend doing due diligence and see if you find what we did.

Website. PS they’re too young to even have an investor relations section.


In addition, to having the winds behind their sails – investment wise, the streaming opportunity is so powerful – now that they are publicly traded with stock to give to employees and advisors, watch them attract the talent needed to scale.

Read this press release. Just look at this guy who joined the team yesterday!

“Rage” Resteghini is joining the VYRE team as a senior content and VYRE original Advisor.

He has directed more music videos than anyone in the industry. He has received nominations from both MTV and BET over the years and has had nearly 10 billion views.

His resume includes names like Ice Cube, DMX, Guns N Roses, Lil Kim, Yo Gotti, T.I., Snoop, DJ Khaled, John Legend, The Game, Chris Brown, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida and hundreds of others.

Rage will play a strategic role in curating unique, quality content. An Advisor who will not be afraid to go against the grain with the type of content that is produced.

He could have easily hung his hat at Netflix. Just imagine his Rolodex.

VYRE Network Welcomes Industry Heavyweight Dale Resteghini 

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Where’s the Waffle House? Source: kids.britannica.com

Since the company is so young, you’ll have to unfortunately sail without the aid of SEC filings compass or GPS. Much like Leif Ericcson sailing to America.

We’ll just keep coming back to the filings page, they should come in time. Momma never said speculative investing would be easy!


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