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Immunomedics IMMU, Biotech Stock Review

Immunomedics (IMMU) up 100% Today or $2 Billion in Value.

Again as mentioned a few weeks ago, our bearish market opinion is related to large-caps and large-cap funds and ETF's. If...
Internet Stock Review

Immunomedics (IMMU) up 100% Today or $2 Billion in Value & Stand Down VIII:

Bear Comments from Roubini, Jim Chanos, Jim Rogers and James A. Kostohryz Don't Be That Guy in Denial!

Stand Down VII: Could We Have a Down 20% Day?

Be Careful of Mondays. stand down: phrasal verb of stand 1. relax or cause to relax after a state of...
Aphex Biocleanse, Superbug Stock Review

Oh, No. Alcohol-Based Sanitizers Losing Effectiveness Against Superbugs.

Hospital hand sanitizers not potent enough for superbug (Science) Bacterial superbugs are becoming increasingly tolerant of alcohol, the...

Fortress Bio (FBIO) Inches Closer to $3.00 on Major News.

Fortress Bio (FBIO) Inches Closer to $3.00 on Major News. Citius Pharma (CTXR) Inches Closer to the Next Phase...

CoronaVirus Watch List Stocks in the News (Bloomberg, Benzinga).

INITIAL WATCHLIST: CoronaVirus Watch List | Superbug Stock Review Aethlon Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEMD) $2.40   Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (NYSE: APT)...
Immunomedics, Biotech Stock Review

Biotech 5 Pack. 5 Biotech Stocks We Expect to Double in 2020.

Our First Newsletter of 2020, We Come out Swinging! Yes, you read it right. Five of our favorite...
Oramed, Biotech Stock REview

Oramed (ORMP) $5.24, Focused on Pill Form Insulin. Is China First?

New technology could revolutionize market of 500 million diabetes patients (i24 News).
Steven Boyd, Armistice

Steven Boyd, Armistice Capital Ranked #2 in Rising Hedge Fund Stars (Institutional Investor Magazine).

A handful were born outside the U.S., while others are first-generation Americans. Some were shoo-ins for the Ivy League, while several relied...

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Hundreds of Stocks Have Fallen Below $1. They’re Still Listed on Nasdaq. (WSJ)

Investor-protection advocates say many belong to risky small companies that should be on the OTC market. With 557 names...

Selling Under Cash. LQR House (LQR) Addresses Nasdaq Delisting.

If You're a Sophisticated Speculator, and we do Mean Sophisticated, Study LQR House (LQR) or 'the Liquor House' Story.

LQR House (LQR). And the Numbers are In!

A Situation Which Can't be Ignored! That's not to say run out and buy it, but this current valuation...