Another way to word it is “wouldn’t it be nice to be making money, maybe big money – when everyone else is getting crushed in a bear market.” Assuming the market crashes of course.

As the chart below shows, the price of Gold has already sparked. So maybe a better question is “Would a collapse in the stock market, accelerate the rally in Gold?”

The last two Gold rallies saw Gold increase six-fold. Yup, we’re getting the Gold fever again! Not out of fear, but out of greed. Well..a little fear. We started in the business in 1973 when the Dow fell from 1,000 to 600 – so we’ve seen and been in our share of bear markets and one thing we can tell you, they ain’t fun. But what if we could make money in a bear market? Now that wouldn’t that be fun.

Dow: 25,332.
(Current Prices: 6/6/2019)

Gold 2019 Forecast with The Ultimate Gold Panel

26 minutes long, we didn’t watch it yet, but what the hell, thought we’d share it anyway!

Another six-fold increase from the previous high of $1,800, would put Gold at $10,800.

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