Up 4,002% at it’s peak from where we added it to the Corona Stock Review Watch List at 7.80, Thomas Niel from InvestorPlace.com thinks it’s still a buy at $238!

2020 Watch List

The shares did hit an air pocket falling from $320 to $120 last spring, but shares have since rebounded nicely on the spread of the Delta variant.

In my last article on Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) stock, I made the case why shares in the Covid-19 vaccine play had room to pop. Even as the company faces many challenges with its “also ran” contender. Interestingly enough, shortly after publication of that article, a “pop” may now be in the process of playing out.

Why Booster News Could ‘Boost’ The Bull Case for NVAX Stock

Its vaccine candidate may not yet have Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the U.S. Yet some are starting to see it as a possible beneficiary of “booster shots” becoming part and parcel of the “new normal’ post-Covid. Sure, the “first movers” in the vaccine market mentioned above have more to gain from this catalyst.

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