Better to Wait a Year?

Price at $120, opening looks like $280. What the?

We remember being on a plane watching the Facebook IPO. Every time we refreshed the screen is was indicating another dollar higher.

On May 18, 2012, Facebook held its initial public offering, trading on the Nasdaq. At that time, it was the largest technology IPO in U.S. history. Facebook offered 421,233,615 shares at a price of $38 per share and raised $16 billion through that offering. Initial trading saw the stock shoot up to as much as $45. Wiki

Facebook reportedly turned down a $75 million offer from Viacom in 2006. That same year, Yahoo! attempted to buy the company for $1 billion but Zuckerberg refused. Also that year, BusinessWeek reported a $2 billion valuation for the company.

Don’t be this investor. Don’t let the ‘long-term’ investor should be prepared for volatility rationale.


Four months later..


A low-profile investor who bet on Snowflake eight years ago is up more than $12 billion after IPO pop

Actually from $3 to $87, but who’s counting!