Quite literally fireworks could start once Gold Crosses $1,400. Look at these following charts and then decide for yourself.

(We’re looking at Junior Mining plays in Ecuador, and leveraged Gold ETF’s. As in go big or go home! If gold is headed to 10,800 were riding it hard.)

First look at this one, Gold is a nose below the previous ceiling of $1,400!

Hard to tell from the above chart, but a new Sheriff came to town a month ago – guns blazing. No notes needed on this chart, it speaks for itself!

Now look at this one. 2003 versus 2019.

Here, look even closer at trading prior to the 2003 breakout.

Yes, the comparison is frightening if you’re on the sidelines. All the market needs is the Bitcoin crowd to pay a visit.

In fact, the chart is so startling, we may start a Natural Resource Newsletter! Stay tuned.

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(After years turning their back on miners, Ecuadorians got a change of heart and now the world’s largest, highest-grade gold projects currently under construction is there.)