Internet Stock Review Relaunches After 23 Years.

Internet Stock Review

Our First Broad Based Recommended Watch List in Over Two Decades!

First name to our list of 20, is Snap Inc (SNAP) $13.00

What can we say? This is like a gift, from the stock market Gods. Imagine if you were looking at SNAP last September and you thought to yourself, “I really like this company, I like what they’re doing – but it’s a little pricey here at $80. Maybe we can buy some if it pulls back 20 or 30%. Like around $60.

Hello, it’s a $13, what the? The wait is over! If we asked you straight out when it was $80, what would you do if fell to $15? You’d say you’d be all over it like a cheap suit. Who wouldn’t? And here we are.

Everyone loves Baron Rothschild’s “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own,” but when it comes time for the rubber to meet the road, the panicked are selling (not buying) and the buyers are hiding (not buying).

Someone is going to come out of this famous, and we think it’s going to be us!

There are so many companies for sale, many down 80% or more and the once lofty price to sales ratios of 25, are now near price to earnings ratios of 25! We knew this was going to happen and we felt like a dinosaur for well over a year, but we never thought it would happen so quickly nor so severely.

This is going to be fun. With this call, we are not price sensitive. So Snap could be $13 or $9.00 or $18. With a 3-5 year outlook (it goes by fast) we really don’t think near-term pricing is an issue.

We’ll repost this post in 2029. Come grow with us, lol, if you have the nerve.

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