Healthcare Incubators and Wearable Devices.


Originally published August 22, 2019

The Global Wearable Devices Market is expected to exceed more than $51.50 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 15 percent in the given forecast period.  An up-and-coming healthcare incubator named “True Nature Holding” (OTC: TNTY) is positioning itself to take advantage of this booming market. The company has plans to acquire multiple healthcare-related companies that fit their model. Like any other Holdings style company, they seek assets, or in this case, marketable health-related businesses, who have an app, provide service(s) or product(s) where a savvy management team and proper funding can advance the business and turn them profitable.

Reflecting on True Nature’s interests such as Simple HIPAA for Vets and Pets, a personal healthcare records application (PHR) customized for the pet and veterinary marketplace along with the highly anticipated WebMD style portal “Apps for Better Living,” it makes sense for TNTY to dive into the wearables market and solidify their health and wellness assets portfolio.  

The company’s mission is to leverage new technologies and services to improve healthcare and outcome for individuals, their families and their pets. It believes it can reduce the cost of healthcare while improving the quality of life using telehealth and telemedicine solutions. It is building healthcare applications that focus on patient engagement, care coordination, remote monitoring, data analytics, and may include Blockchain RX(TM) to provide applications for market participants in healthcare through the encryption of sensitive data as a service bureau.

Lastly, its approach is to develop these business opportunities as individual “threads” in response to client needs, ultimately creating an end-to-end set of solutions from the end user up to the healthcare provider or veterinary professional. Further, it expects to assist suppliers to the healthcare industry by allowing them to access unique technologies that bind them with their clients in a “top-down” distribution model.

The future of wearable tech in healthcare

The Amazon healthcare strategy represents a strong bid for any companies that can achieve a critical mass.  The acquisition of PillPack was the spark of Amazon’s consolidation phase. Investors need to keep their eye on FitBit and Garmin as the next possible acquisitions which have achieved the critical mass necessary to get on Amazon’s radar. 

It’s likely that an acquisition could come after the next quarterly release of numbers showing continued erosion of Apple Watch’s market share. After one of these wearable companies is acquired, Amazon will need to grow its ecosystem.  This trigger will redefine the landscape for app developers rushing in to feed this rapidly expanding new ecosystem.

So looking beyond the impending acquisition of one of these major wearable companies are the killer apps for these wearable devices. Healthcare incubator like True Nature Holding, which is highly focused on healthcare apps and app developers, see this critical opportunity.  An investment in True Nature Holding is like an early-stage investment in a baby Amazon, where they are both seeking to acquire companies to increase their market share, just on a much smaller scale.

Their strategy will be defined by making some more key acquisitions in healthcare, with an end game that may result in being acquired themselves. It’s a long term play, where shareholders will be able to witness its Amazon-like “growth by acquisition strategy” with Amazon-type potential.

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