LikidoONE® ‘HFC Free’ Heat and Refrigeration pump, already a model marvel of engineering technology, anticipates an additional 12% boost in energy cost-cost savings with its latest improvement.

Widely deployed, the LikidoOne heat pump could both save industrial users (hotels, office buildings, manufacturing plants) hundreds of millions of dollars and at the same time be as clean and clean power can get, when compared to the traditional Natural Gas boiler and conventional electric-powered CFC/HFC chillerer.

Globally, the International Energy Agency [IEA] estimates that the heating and cooling sector could contribute the largest portion of carbon savings by 2030. Buildings are responsible for more than 40% of global energy use and one third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The LikidoONE system is a new product with new applications and simply cannot be compared to existing HFC heat pump technology.

LikidoONE ®

There is a global growing demand for low-cost, clean power and LikidoONE has ambitions to be a major player in this multi-billion heating and cooling plant industry. Its ambition is to be first-to-market by retrofitting tens of 1000’s of existing buildings and replacing energy-using equipment with its’ more efficient system.

ROI for LikidoONE Users

Efforts to reduce global warming by reducing ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants is a force of wind behind the back of LikidoOne as old plants are being phased out and as new plants are being installed.

Launched in 2019, Likido®ONE is the world’s first high-temperature process heating and cooling system designed specifically for use in an industrial process environment. Operating in a combine heating and cooling mode, the system aims to reset the world’s expectations for industrial heating and cooling systems by using a non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, inert, CFC/HFC free “natural refrigerant” to safely provide 160kW of high-grade heating plus 120kW of low temperature cooling for an electrical input of just 37kWh.

Use of the planet’s reserves of fossil fuels is becoming socially unacceptable, as pollution levels grow and the long-term effects become more apparent. Forward-thinking businesses must therefore listen to customers’ concerns, adapt, and build up resilience to the upcoming climate change policies that the 200 United Nations agreed at the Paris COP21 conference, in December 2015 and the Kigali Amendment that enter into force on 1 January 2019.

Dalrada’s (DFCO) Likido®, is positioned to be a market leader in natural carbon dioxide-based heating and cooling systems. They have developed a unique system that significantly reduces the demand for energy and water and maximizes the output of renewable energy sources. They can reduce energy consumption by over 75% from conventional combustion-based systems.

With a current market capitalization under $10 million, Dalrada is an incubator start-up with numerous shots-on-goal including clean energy, healthcare, and telehealth. It is a company whose progress must be followed.

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Dalrada (DFCO) has had strong performance since ‘re-engineering’ itself in 2019 which was additionally bolstered by becoming ‘current‘ by completing and submitting all required SEC filings in April of 2020. Blue skies ahead?

We are extremely optimistic!


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