Coronavirus Stock Mania. 800% Gain, Seen in a Single Day on 180 Million Shares!

coronavirus stocks

We’ve played many sector manias in the past (operative word ‘play’) such as solar, stem cells, restaurants, blockchain, marijuana, and patent monetization to name a few. Sometimes it lasts weeks, sometimes months and on occasion a couple of years. But we’ve never seen anything like this!

See our favorite CoronaVirus story at the bottom of this post. They have a science-based (vs alcohol) bacterial killing solution that kills Corona. It’s unlike any other.

You’re going to love it.


Here is the performance of the original list of names we created in late January with prices back-dated to January first, for when the sector started picking up in price and volume.


Look at the highs! Co-Diagnostic (CODX) traded from $0.90 to a high of $21.75 – Wuhan this!

Our game is to look for and follow all Wall Street v. the Superbugs plays. So we have created a section of the Biotech Stock Review called Superbug News. Ain’t no way, no how we are recommending any of this, just saying.

Our list has gotten considerably bigger with help from Ryan Austin a journalist and the Managing Editor of the Superbug Stock Review. We decided to call it the Superbug Stock Review because as dire as it looks, Coronavirus could fade and who wants to be running something called the Ebola Stock Review in 2020 – which lasted two long years from 2014-2016.


ON 184,000,000 SHARES – WHAT THE?

The only reason we know about AYTU Bioscience is they acquired one of our clients, Innovus Pharma (OLD:INNV) in an all-stock deal – so lucky Innovus, with the stock they received in the merger jumping 799% at the high, two days ago – post merger.

Also in the ‘unbelievable luck’ department, AYTU had an ATM (at the market offering) in the wings ready for if and when their stock ever took a wild runup on big volume. It did and they just banked $20 million in a bankers minute! Coronavirus has some people walking around with big shiat eating grins.

Here’s the news: Aytu BioScience Secures Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agreement for Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Point-of-Care Rapid Test

A big beneficiary was Armistice Capital, which was the largest shareholder of both AYTU and INNV near the end of the year.



We added Todos Medial (TOMDF) to the Superbug Watch List at $0.03 for fun on March 2nd and what the – do our eyes deceive us? The shares which had been trading sideways to down for the entire year traded to a high of $0.16.

Here’s the news: Adding Todos Medical (TODMF) $0.03 to SuperBug Stock Review Watchlist.

Nope, we’ve never seen anything like this! And during a plunging market? This isn’t investing or even speculating – it’s video game trading. WOOT!


Our favorite Coronavirus story (and a client of course) is unfortunately not yet publicly traded – called Aphex BioCleanse. Follow it nonetheless, it could be one of the greatest David v. Goliath business stories we’ve ever uncovered. We’ll be reporting on Aphex frequently in the months and years ahead. It should just be a matter of time before some enterprising Investment Banker (we hope) – comes along with a business card.

In short or in sum: a better – radically better ‘non-alcohol’ based sanitizer. It takes the alcohol bacteria-killing model and flips it on its head. This is no tree-hugging formulation of organic teas. This is science-based bacterial killing at its finest.

Did we mention there are reports that alcohol is becoming resistant to alcohol?

Oh, No. Alcohol-Based Sanitizers Losing Effectiveness Against Superbugs.

Did we mention hand sanitizers are sold out everywhere and that there are actually on and off shortages of Isopropyl alcohol too?

What Hand Sanitizer Shortages on Amazon Reveal About Global Supply

Talk about living life in the unbelievable luck department!

Read more in our recent report:

Former Eastman Kodak Scientist and Engineers Develop Liquid Germ Killer Hy-IQ® to Revolutionize the way Deadly Bacteria and Virus are Eradicated

The Aphex BioCleanse solution (a liquid) is a marvel of engineering technology that doesn’t ‘burn’ through bacterias cellular walls, like all current chemical disinfectants.

Instead, it takes advantage of nature’s desire for equilibrium – by creating an imbalance in the cell wall of a dangerous organism, after which the organism kills itself – trying to get the cell wall back into balance. Yes, sounds a little confusing at first. But we will break this down.

Aphex BioCleanse is already taking orders being fulfilled by its initial testing facility and is in the process of building its first FDA designed facility right now, in preparation for large scale orders.

To get on the Company’s friends and family news release mailing list, call Peyton Jackson @ 585-386-0990 (not for retail product orders, please).

We use the product every day and take it everywhere we go. Will it save our lives? Don’t know for sure, but it sure adds a level of comfort whenever we touch a door handle in a restaurant, a bottle of tabasco or a gas pump. Another tip, if you go out as much as we do, bring your own pen to sign your bar tab. God only knows who used it to sign before you did. And bring your own pencil to enter numbers onto any ATM terminal – then dip the eraser into your sanitizer at night or just toss it.

Oh, no. Could there be a run on pencils? First toilet paper, now pencils?


Client for report disclosure and disclaimer details.