Chairman Leonard Mazur Discusses:

Mino-Lok Treatment for Infected Catheters.

Novellus Stem Cell Treatment for CoronaVirus and Acute Respiratory Distress. (This is not a vaccine folks, it is a treatment for lung-related inflammation)


  • Facing Billions in Addressable Markets
  • Having Billion in Mergers and Acquisition Experience
  • With Managers & Insiders Investing $26.5 Million into the Company
  • And a market valuation of only $56 Million at $1.04
  • How could any speculative investor* not be interested



IMPORTANT NOTE: Mini-Lok had been granted fast track status (QIDP) by the FDA which it awards to treatments it believes have a breakthrough which can save lives.

What this means is via more frequent communication with the FDA over trial results – and approval can come at any time. We can’t predict if approval will come, but we can predict investors are usually better off acquiring a significant position BEFORE an approval rather than AFTER an approval.

Do you rememebr what we just said about an approval that can come at anytime? Get it, got it, we’re gone.

Where is Citius Pharma (CTXR) in the FDA Approval Process?

*And some people wonder how we’ve found so many ten-baggers in the past? It’s the factoids folks! A $55 million market cap? Every time we look at that $55 number we think “how can this be?”

It’s crazy – but good for us…

Client see report for disclosure and disclaimer details.