Great detective work by the SEC on this. If you ever wonder how/why your stock or stock you’re following drops from $1.00 to $0.10 on no news, get all the details in this delicious and detailed expose (allegedly of course).

Nice Work – if you can do the Time

Over the Relevant Period, Carrillo, working in coordination with others, generated trading proceeds of more than $75 million from fraudulently selling the securities of more than 30 issuers.

SEC Litgation Release

On or about April 2017, Carrillo directed Wintercap to transfer $134,500 derived from fraudulent securities sales to a car dealership to purchase a BMW X5.

He has a broker that will send money to a car dealer? Talk about service! Maybe we can find one to pay our legendary bar tabs.

Between January 2017 and June 2018, Carrillo transferred at least $605,500
sourced from the fraudulent trading proceeds described above to fund improvements on the house located at 2908 Gate Five Place, Chula Vista, California (above).

Think of all the work the SEC does to gather all of these details. Kudos to them.

Swiss Broker got hit with a $15 million fine. Wintercap.