biotech stock review

Adding Fluidigm (FLDM) $6.14, to Corona Stock Watch List.

And we have our first 'bounce' candidate of the dip.. LIVE CHART
Mitesco Inc,. Biotech Stock Review

Biotech Stock Review: Mitesco (MITI) $0.03, Report Update

Mitesco to Launch Telehealth Enabled Primary Care Clinic Business with Q4 Rollout Addressing Healthcare Backlog Accentuated by the Second Wave Concerns.

Citius Pharma (CTXR) $2.15. Price Target of $8.00 Maintained, Post Safety and Efficacy Review.

Investment Banker Buy Rating Maintained: DSMB Gives the Thumbs Up – Data in Early 2022. CITIUS NEWS ARCHIVE

Candida Auris: Hospitals mobilize to fight the deadly infection (Video). More Videos Below. Auris all over the room, even on the ceiling?.

Drug Resistance Could Kill 10M People per year by 2050, Experts say (Axios).

Infectious disease experts tell Axios they agree with a dire scenario painted in the UN report posted earlier this week saying that, if nothing...
dexamethasone, Hepion

Remember President Trump Taking Dexamethasone? Hepion’s (HEPA) CRV431 demonstrated reduced lung inflammation and damage...

Hepion (HEPA) Announces FDA Clearance of IND Application for CRV431 for COVID-19

Does Co-Diagnostics (CODX) Have Ties to Offshore Boiler Rooms?

Hot Covid-19 test company has ties to offshore boiler rooms ( AKA, you'd have to have your head examined...
Biotech Stock Review

Meet The Billion-Dollar Family Company That Makes Purell (Forbes).

Jerry and Goldie Lippman cofounded Gojo in Akron, Ohio, in 1946. Forbes 3/20/2020 Panic buying is...
Aphex Biocleanse Systems

Aphex BioCleanse Further Expands Distribution Channels.

Aphex BioCleanse Systems Announces Partnership With Bifulco Consulting Group to Expand Distribution Channels PITTSFORD, N.Y., May 20, 2021...
coronavirus stocks

Coronavirus Stock Mania. 800% Gain, Seen in a Single Day on 180 Million Shares!

We've played many sector manias in the past (operative word 'play') such as solar, stem cells, restaurants, blockchain, marijuana, and patent monetization...

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Smart for Life (SMFL) Capitulates?

We Are Long Term Bullish on Smart for Life. After a Volatile Post IPO Trading, we may Have Seen the Bottom....

Althira (ATHA) $2.50, is Latest Alzheimer’s Trial Victim. Down 70%

Nearly 100 Alzheimer’s programs have failed in the past decade. Biotech investors should study or at least become...

Novogratz Remains Steadfast on Crypto, Says Wait Until Next Year (Bloomberg)

Great call. This was actually from Late 2018. (Bloomberg) — Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz is resolute when it...