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Armistice Capital Master Fund Ltd., and Citius Pharma (CTXR).

April 2019 Offering On April 1, 2019, Citius entered into securities purchase agreements with institutional investors and accredited investors...

Update: Biotech 5 Pack. 5 Biotech Stocks, we Expected to Double in 2020.

No Doubles Yet, But They're Doing Rather Well, Considering Everything. Our Confidence Remains Unwavered. Best Performer up 63%.
biotech stock review

Adding Mustang Bio (MBIO) $4.00 to Watchlist After Investor Presentation.

We met with management at Company-sponsored lunch at Ruth Chris in Boca Raton last week and we came away extremely enthusiastic about...
biotech stock review

Innovus (INNV) Hits the Trifecta. Stuffy Noses, Hair Loss & Heartburn.

Innovative Innovus now has Three Shots on Goal with non-prescription drugs which have come off patent including a new competitor to...
biotech stock review

7 Million Telehealth Users This Year, Expected to Drive Revenues to $36 Billion in...

As boomers age, experts predict the telehealth market will grow from a $14.3 billion industry in 2013 to a $36.2 billion...
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What We’re Watching.

“Biotech, Beverages and Bears - Oh My!” — Daniel K. McMahon
Immunomedics IMMU, Biotech Stock Review

Immunomedics (IMMU) up 100% Today or $2 Billion in Value.

Again as mentioned a few weeks ago, our bearish market opinion is related to large-caps and large-cap funds and ETF's. If...
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Adding Innovus Pharma (INNV) $2.50 to Watch List.

Fast Growing eCommerce and Direct to Consumer Pharma Company Announces 1st Foray into CBD and 2nd Major Off-Patent Blockbuster Drug to its...
Dyadic, Biotech Stock Review

Dyadic (DYAI) Highlights.

"In just over a year and a half we have entered into over 15 proof of concept collaborations for both human and...

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Citius (CTXR) CEO Myron Holubiak Live on TV, 1:20 Today, June 30th.

VIDEO: Citius CEO Myron Holubiak to Appear on TD Ameritrade Network's The Watch List with Nicole Petallides
Citius Pharma

Citius Pharma (CTXR) On The Move.

One Of Our Top 5 Biotech Picks For 2020 Up 23% Yesterday, Indicating Up Another 24% This Morning. Inquiring Minds Want...
Biotech Stock Review

Meet The Billion-Dollar Family Company That Makes Purell (Forbes).

Jerry and Goldie Lippman cofounded Gojo in Akron, Ohio, in 1946. Forbes 3/20/2020 Panic buying is...