Biotech’s Turning Up…

biogen, biotech stock review

Biotech Sector Gains Near 10% in Past Month, After Biogen (BIIB) Reports Breaking News.

We keep telling investors (for 40+ years) it’s not stock picking that makes one money, it’s the markets. Truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to make money (long) in bear markets and it’s also nearly impossible to make money (long) in bearish sectors, regardless of what the overall market is doing. 


#1 It’s the market.
#2. It’s the sector.
#3. It’s the individual stock picking.

Yesterday, the small-cap Biotechs perked up nicely. We figured this out when we thought a the end of trading, “Wow, all our stocks are up, we are so good at this!” 

In reality, the driver was the Biogen (BIIB) related news which sent the shares up from $220 to near $300. In the last 30 days, Biogen is up 28% and the SPDR Biotech ETF is up 9.8%. Now the little guys are moving and it’s not unusual to see 2-3x moves in comparison to the bigger guys – with news of course.

So to make a long story short, time to dust off your Biotech Watch List and initiate or add to positions. This could be the start of a 3-year run. We expect a similar ‘sector-turn’ in the Marijuana sector, visit our weed portal the Marijuana Stock Review for our broad upcoming Watch List.

A Few We’re Watching in Biotech, Medtech.

Mustang Bio (MBIO) Highlights and 3rd Quarter. Finishes Quarter with $73 million in cash and dosed the first patient. “We are well-positioned to execute on our goals for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.” Read more.

Mustang Bio, Biotech Stock Review

Dyadic (DYAI) Highlights and 3rd Quarter. “In just over a year and a half we have entered into over 15 proof of concept collaborations for both human and animal health working with 7 top pharma companies and we initiated two internally funded research projects. We also have additional opportunities through our equity stakes in Novovet, Alphazyme, BDI and VLPbio.” added Mr. Emalfarb. Read more here.

True Nature | Mitesco (TNTY), Perking Up. Is it too early to nick-name True Nature’s Medtech incubator Mitesco the “Mighty Mitesco?” Of course, it’s too early – but it appears that speculative micro-cap investors are sniffing around and trying to get positioned here ahead of potential news, rather than after news. Perked up 70% yesterday, on 4 million shares. Read more here.

We have been compensated by Dyadic and True Nature for ongoing progress reporting. See recent reports for the disclosure and disclaimer details or here for True Nature as we haven’t published a report yet.