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Internet Stock Review

Is the Bitcoin Bubble More Fraud Than Frenzy?

Research Affiliates Quant Warns of Bitcoin Market Manipulation (Bloomberg) (Bloomberg) -- In 2017, Alex Pickard had made so...

Make Hay While the Sun Shines. Up 6,400%.

Celcius (CELH) We're Up 6,400%. Alkaline Water (WTER) We're Up 12%.Dicerna (DRNA) We're Up 700%. Ready to Breakout?BioSig (BSGM) We Have...
Internet Stock Review

And it’s Official. We Have Another Double. BioSig (BSGM) up 103% in Four Months.

This is crazy. Wish we were 'traders' but sadly we are not. This is the most fun we've had since 1998, pre-dotcom...